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Renting A Cute Apartment In Wilmington, Delaware

I wanted to move out of my parents house so I started saving up for an apartment. I wanted to have enough in savings in case something happened or went wrong and I couldn’t pay my rent or bills for a few months.

After a couple months, I finally had enough money saved up and I started looking at available apartments for rent in Wilmington, Delaware. I had already been talking about renting an apartment and a few of my friends had been telling me about different ones they had seen. I also looked on Facebook and found some apartments for rent. I found a really cute apartment that was close to my job, so I contacted the landlord about it so I could look at it. I went the next day and looked at the apartment and decided it was just exactly what I wanted. It was affordable and the right size. I signed all the paperwork and I was able to move in at the beginning of the week. I couldn’t wait to get moved in and settled in my first apartment ever.

Moving was easy because I really didn’t have heavy furniture or anything like that. I was able to buy some furniture off of my friends and people that had it for sale on Facebook. I got really great prices on everything I bought. My friends really helped me a good bit and I am so thankful they did.

Once I got moved and settled in, I had a housewarming party. I invited them all to my new apartment and we had a really fun time. I cooked food and we had drinks. They were enjoying me living on my own as much as I was. I was so happy to be living on my own.

I have loved living in this apartment so far. I have made it my own and decorated it so cute. It has also been affordable and I have been able to keep up with my rent and all the bills too. I am thankful I found a great place to live and that everything has worked out so well. I haven’t had any parties recently, but plan to do another one soon since the holidays are approaching. I love being able to do things as I please and have friends over when I feel like it.